[The Vagina is the Stargate] from [Moon Venus Mercury] by [O’Heru]




We are ‘Consciousness’ and our vessel, our body carries this Consciousness.  Our bodies die off, but our Consciousness lives forever.  How did we get here as Humans?  Through the vagina of our Mother’s Womb.  S-he is the Stargate, thus the Creator of mankind.  S-he is the Queen.  S-he is the Great Whore.  S-he is the Throne.

In Ancient Kemet, G-ddess cultures and groups venerated women and the female reproductive process.  However, things changed with the invasions when the matriarchy rulership was switched to a patriarchal, male dominant social system.  

Mankind proceeded to control, disgrace, suppress, disrespect and destroy their own Womb of Life, their Breath of Life (Auset, Isis, Ishtar, Sophia, Mary, Ma’at, Hathor, your Mother).  Mankind attempted to destroy the ANKH, their life force.  Mankind evolved because of Wo-man.  Wo-man does not evolve; s-he revolves because s-he is infinite.  Is this the reason for the anger and destruction of Wo-men and her culture?  So who is the Creator’s adversary? 

Auset (Wo-man) is the daughter of RA, s-he is the Immaculate Conception. …

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