[chapter THIRTY-NINE of MIKE EYE’s The Aqueous Transmission] AL RODNAM SUDDENLY APPEARED ALL-TOO-SWIFTLY ATOP THE treacherous grounds of an astonishing bedlam that had all gone to Hell. And the nuclear explosion was yet to make impact. The tragic conditions of… Read More ›

☆ 38. The Last Godhed.

[chapter THIRTY-EIGHT] ZAPPING THROUGH THE DIMENSIONAL LOCK SYSTEM AND SHOOTING straight into the Inner-Earth Underworld in One super surge, a fast grip around the Staff of Lachrylon, Al Rodnam fastly emerged from his safe haven of Personal Solitude in a… Read More ›

☆ 23. {AQUA-TRIPP}

(brace yourselves….)       [EPISODE V. / CHAPTER 23.] THERE, BY THE EDGE OF THE GLOWING POND, KNELT THE MOTHER Magdalena, who was held hotly in a hypnotic hex. Her dark hand, with its long and dark, graceful fingers,… Read More ›


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